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Drop Ceiling Services


Professional Ceiling Installation Services in New York


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False ceilings or drop ceilings give your home or workplace a competitive edge, making it easier to focus on the more important aspects of your life or business.


Without a professionally installed ceiling, all the heat generated will pass through the ceiling and your bill will skyrocket.


What about cables, plumbing, mechanical parts, drain lines? Without a suspended ceiling, these parts are either exposed or do not work as intended.


If you want to avoid the hassle of maintaining vaulted ceilings, drop ceilings are the perfect solution.


GAMTANI LLC can install or repair a professional drop ceiling for your basement, kitchen, bathroom, home, or office.

We use high-quality materials from famous brands like Armstrong and USG.

Benefits of Installing a Drop Ceiling

The main advantage you get when choosing a suspended ceiling design is related to accessibility. If you need to fix your infrastructure, just open one panel.


The drop Ceiling provides Easy access to all cables, water lines, mechanical parts, and drain lines.

In the event of a water leak, you can replace the damaged tile without worrying about the rest of your ceiling. Sheetrock must be cut, patched, sanded, textured, primed, and painted.

Suspended ceilings have very different ceiling solutions. For example, some tiles are up to 70% sound absorbing. Tiles can always be acoustically superior. It depends on your project. Adding a layer of insulation to your installation will eliminate most of the noise heard on the second or second floor. Whether you need a music room, home theater, or family entertainment area, this design choice is a great choice.

Other benefits include recessed light compatibility, mold and mildew resistance, and environmental benefits. Most ceiling panels are made of starch, cellulose, fiberglass, mineral wool, or gypsum. Wood, glass, and metal options are also gaining popularity

Drop Ceiling Installation average cost.

The cost of a suspended ceiling installation project is generally unpredictable. GAMTANI LLC offers pricing plans from $4 to $5.


Several factors influence the estimate, from the need to modify an existing structure to the preferred ceiling tile selection.

Suspended ceiling installations in New York typically range from about $3 per square foot to over $7 per square foot. For some homes and offices, estimates may be lower or higher depending on whether you need to change the minimum drop, add HVAC components, or create a complex grill design. may occur.

Drop ceiling installations in basements.

If your project home has an unfinished basement, a drop ceiling is the best solution to make your palace comfy.

  • How could you use this newly finished space after installing a drop ceiling and other necessary components? 

  • Extra bedrooms. you can add 2 or 3 bedrooms to your property or even more depending on the size of your basement and available means of egress

  • Home Cinema. some of our clients made home cinemas in their basements to enjoy real cinema experience right from their homes.

  • Additional bathrooms. Although you may need to add plumbing work to your remodeling budget, another bathroom can be handy.

General Terms for a Drop Ceiling

Although a drop ceiling is the standard term used for this home or office structure, a handful of additional names refer to the same installation.

Acoustic, false, and grid ceilings get their name from the attributes of the final installation. They describe the structures used to create usable space on your property. You can purchase tiles that don’t have high sound absorption ratings if you want to install a drop ceiling on a budget.

Drop-in, drop-out, suspended, and T-bar ceilings are less common names that refer to this design because of the work required to create the structure.

Your home is your castle. GAMTANI LLC invites you to see how affordable a new drop ceiling could be for your New York property.


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